Dinner with Elma and Alex

No, we have not generally switched to English...not yet ;-)

We are sure Elma and Alex will read this and we really want to thank them again for their kind hospitality.
But first, who are these guys?

They are friends of our friends Edith and Gerhard in Vienna. Gerhard managed to get us a meeting with them.
Elma and Alex live in a nice house in San Francisco with a great view of the ocean and over the Golden Gate Park.
Today they invited us to have a Californian dinner with them at their home.

We have learned some new aspects about politics, life and education in California, living and working in the USA.
As we have already noticed several times, Americans tend to be quite flexible in gaining additional qualification and changing their jobs if they are not happy with it.
Also Elma and Alex both worked at an office before they decided to become teachers.

Thank you both again for the delicious meal, the interesting conversation and of course the many advises in (US) English language for what I am really thankful.

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